Baby-Friendly Practices

At Women’s Specialists of Northside Gwinnett, we are proud to say that we follow baby-friendly practices for successful breastfeeding relationships after delivery.

What Is Baby-Friendly?

“Baby-friendly” is the official description of an initiative created by the World Health Organization and UNICEF to encourage hospitals and providers all over the world to promote healthy feeding choices for infants. The baby-friendly initiative is a global effort to implement practices that protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

What This Means for Our Patients

Dr. Watkins and certified nurse midwife Tonya Hemmings, with the assistance of the nurses at Northside Hospital Gwinnett, promote breastfeeding by initiating skin-to-skin immediately after birth as long as there are not any medical contraindications.

Skin-to-skin is allowed to occur for one hour. The first hour is considered the “golden hour” for a newborn. This special time allows mom and baby to bond and helps decrease low blood sugar in the newborn. It also helps your baby maintain its body temperature and transition with its breathing. Additionally, skin-to-skin has been shown to decrease postpartum depression and help with mother-baby bonding.

The first exam no longer occurs in the nursery but rather in your room, so you don’t miss any of your baby’s first moments. The baby’s first exam, weigh-in and measurements also will occur in your room once the “golden hour” is complete.

After two hours, you, your partner and your baby will be transitioned to your Mother Baby suite on the second floor of Northside Hospital Gwinnett where your baby will “room in.” This means that your baby will stay with you for your entire stay as long as there are no complications or health concerns. All exams and tests, except for the circumcision if your baby is a boy, will be done in your room. This aims to improve breastfeeding rates while encouraging mother-infant bonding.

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